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WHO IS MELBOURNE DANCE MUSIC ASSOCIATION?: Anyone associated with Melbourne dance music is already a part of the Melbourne Dance Music Association and you can't really argue with that so nyah nyah nyah.

YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS. IS THIS A JOKE?: Sorry, can't hear you - too busy sequencing basslines and chopping breaks etc.

YOU THINK YOU 'ALL THAT'... BUT YOU AIN'T 'ALL THAT'. OK?: Give us a bag of chips.

I BELIEVE YOU ARE PROMOTING AN IRRESPONSIBLE LIFESTYLE. WHY MUST YOU PERSIST?: Melbourne Dance Music Association supports freedom of choice.

I DIDN'T LIKE THAT THING THAT YOU DID. WHY DID YOU DO THAT THING?: It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.



WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH ADRIAN ALIEN ANGEL BAND?: After over 6 years in the making, the debut Adrian Alien Angel Band LP "69 Punk Songs" is nearly complete. All relevant details will be posted on this website in due course. A concept album - a manifesto - a musical autobiography. Themes covered include actual real people who exist, babes, clubbing, positive forces in the universe, freedom of choice, eating & smoking drugs, partying hard, being a fleshy & perishable human, nihilism & hope, making art, getting heartbroken, live music culture, sex-positivity, fantasising about cloning, being a flirt, being a wastoid, living alone, aesthetics, sensuality, fashion, bisexual visibility, high school, honing in & zoning out, growing up goth & going on strong, other peoples' tattoos, communication, call-centre supervision, success & failure, empathy, heroines & heroes, icons, Australian stories, crushes, kitty-cats, brats, pillow-fights, punk kicks, popculture, new futures, pink stuff, fluffy stuff, yummy stuff, fuzzy stuff, cute stuff, huggy fun, being here NOW, friendship, solidarity, empowerment, fandom, style, gratitude and being lost for words...

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH BUBBLETOWN BABE CREW?: The first Bubbletown Babe Crew was borne out of the ashes of the Rumbletown Rave Crew circa 1985. Armed with an arsenal of scratchy faders, super-shitty cables and giddy techno thump, these chummy kids have only just recently shot the hell outta Rumbletown faster than a bullet from a revolver, hitting the pink-brick road with one horny mission - to get to Bubbletown ASAFP and recommence righting dancefloor wrongs. A free-spirited ethos and a loud'n'proud love of chirpy mirth is essential for those seeking to follow the Bubbletown way. Zero drop, zero womp, zero wub, zero trap - just puffy, bumpy, syrupy love. Champagne and cameras are essential. Think big, think bangin', think bubble. Hold onto yr handbags.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH CHUCKY KINDERSPIEL?: The thing about Chucky Kinderspiel, you see, is they're just an object - open their box and they're yours. The difference between you and Chucky Kinderspiel, you see, is Chucky Kinderspiel's an object - pull their string and they'll talk. Their name is Chucky. Got the K-Y, magic made them come alive. The thing about Chucky Kinderspiel, you see, is they're just an object (merely flesh and bone) and once you break their seal then they're bought (and you can take them home). The difference between you and Chucky Kinderspiel, you see, is Chucky Kinderspiel's an object (merely flesh and bone) and you can hear them around when they walk (they walk around).

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH G.O.L.E.M.?: Guardians of local electronic music.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH MILLY'S PAINTBOX?: Milly's Paintbox produces art.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH MONS'S GOBLIN RAVERS?: Mons's Goblin Ravers are red vanilla weenies.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH PALM OIL & THE MICROBEADS?: Palm Oil & The Microbeads are fucking up the planet.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH TALKSHOW BOY?: Adrian Trajstman began writing underground pop music as Talkshow Boy in Melbourne, Australia around the year 2001 when he was 16. Talkshow Boy live performances began around 2003 or maybe 2004 and this continued until around about the mid-2010s. Talkshow Boy releases include the spawling, disogranised lo-fi debut - the 41-track "Perestroika Love" LP (self-released, 2003), the vapid'n'angsty follow-up "The Blood-Sexy EP" (self-released, 2003), the dizzying "Ice Police" CD single (Pocketclock, 2003), an eclectic "Ice Police Rmxz" mini-album (Pocketclock, 2004), the awkward yet potentially endearing twee-punk digi-mess "Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy" LP (Pocketclock, 2004), the notorious breakbeat pop LP "Testosterone!" (Pocketclock, 2006) and the "Best Beast Ever" LP (Crackmonkey, 2007), a terrifyingly wonky experiment in misguided braggadocio. Some time around 2005 Talkshow Boy self-released a limited-edition QLD tour CD-r entitled "MP3CD-R - 225 Megabytes!" that contained MP3s of all his pre-2005 releases as well as artwork, liner notes, lyrics, JPGs, GIFs and other various easter eggs. Other assorted Talkshow Boy tracks that have seen release include the LSDj rave-up "Mermaid Beach" which featured on the Sound Bytes chiptune party's compilation "Byte Me", faux-oi! belter "Touch The Queen" which featured on Akiko Yamasaki's compilation album "Gerpanese - Music To Stalk To" and "Dinocore Jump" which was produced for Toxic Lipstick's bratty-as-fuck 2011 stage musical "Mystic Bubblegum" (which Adrian also acted in). You can watch parts of Mystic Bubblegum on YouTube here, here and here. "Black Logic (VHS Version)" featured on a compilation CD released by Mess+Noise magazine in 2005 that also included tracks by many other trendy, bigshot Australian bands with heaps of scene cred like HTRK and The Drones. Talkshow Boy has remixed other artists including The Emergency ("We Got The Horror") and Spitfire Parade ("Steering Wheel"). Talkshow Boy produced a spooky 32-minute mixtape for Micronations ("Micronations Presents... Breakbeat Goth Vol. 1 [Mixed by Talkshow Boy]") and you can hear it here on Soundcloud. Other bands Adrian has been a member of include Cattle Of The Sun, Service Station Youth (aka Nervous Nation Youth), The Undead Against You, Keith! Party, Bleak Infinity (aka Totally Bleak), Shits vs. Giggles, Legal Loopholes, The Angel And Baby Chain and his latest outfit, Adrian Alien Angel Band. He also temporarily played bass in Rat Vs Possum for less than 5 live shows and was totally shit at it. Adrian provided vocals for the Cheap Present track "Bergwasser" and you should absolutely buy their 12". The Talkshow Boy page on does not currently accurately reflect the Talkshow Boy discography but one day that will change. Once upon a time there was a Talkshow Boy page on Wikipedia but it got deleted due to reasons concerning "notability" - we have faith in our hearts that one day another Talkshow Boy Wikipedia page will come to be. The webpage that you are currently on is the closest thing that there is to an official Talkshow Boy homepage (other than the Talkshow Boy pages on Facebook and Bandcamp). Eventually a Talkshow Boy lyrics and mp3 archive will be made available here at but this is likely to take some time. Until then, the best place to find Talkshow Boy MP3s on the internet is the Talkshow Boy Archive run by sushikaiser (thank you SO SO SO much sushikaiser! <3 <3 <3). The "One Hour Of Talkshow Boy Instrumentals On Cassette" compilation LP was released on limited-edition yellow cassette on Friday 02 October 2020 thru Autumn Sounds, the experimental music label based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and all 25 copies sold out within about five hours. The next Talkshow Boy release will be called "Limitless Light". Further details will be posted on this website in due course.

WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH URZA VS MISHRA?: A quick internet search will reveal much information about the complex relationship between Urza and Mishra.


(Limited edition of 4 per design. No longer available for purchase.)

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